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B.C. – Not Just For the Pious Anymore

June 25, 2008
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Some might know that Johnny Hart, creator of B.C., died a little over a year ago. His family and friends are helping to continue the strip. I can’t help but notice a few subtle differences in the pre- and post- Johnny Hart days.

See if you can spot them:

Johnny Hart Era Strips – 4/14/06 – 3/26/05 – 3/25/05

Post-Johnny Hart Era Strips – 6/16/08 – 6/20/08 – 6/25/08

Soon He’ll Be Speaking In Stars and Spirals

June 22, 2008
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Sally Forth – 06/22/2008
Ted Forth - Pancakes!

So it’s finally come to this.  After years of coaching losing softball teams and his dead end career as a Strategic Sourcing Manager, Ted Forth is going the way of Grandpa Jim.

For Better Or For Worse – 02/08/2007
Grandpa Jim Foob - Boxcar!

Alan’s 3-Month Non-Specific Drug-Related Storyline

June 19, 2008
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So has hit the bigtime. I noticed this morning, while perusing comics-related websites that Uncle Lumpy, filling in for Josh at the Curmudgeon, has linked to this site. I figured since I’ve only actually made one post here ever, I ought to add something new, in case a few new people actually visit today. Serial strips like Apartment 3-G are basically why I started this site, since one storyline can take months or even years. Without a good archive, how could one see exactly how LuAnn and Alan started their crazy courtship, or how many times Margo is on the verge of being engaged.

Apartment 3-G 06/19/2008

In today’s Apartment 3-G, LuAnn mentioned that she hadn’t seen Alan’s painting in weeks. I checked back through, and I’m not sure when he ever actually started painting. It seem like all he’s done since March is buy some sort of mystery drugs to sell, take all the drugs himself, and then steal Margo’s petty cash to get more. Here’s where it all began…

Apartment 3-G 03/10/2008

Unless perhaps, she’s referring to this:

Apartment 3-G 03/10/2008

Alan must be selling drugs so he’ll have enough money to buy more than two paint colors .

…and of course this whole storyline that never seems to go anywhere yet never seems to end all started nearly three years ago.

Apartment 3-G 12/11/2005

We can only hope that more non-specific drug-related humor will carry us through the rest of 2008. At least we may be able to meet Haley’s lowlife friends. That would provide something to get us through.

Welcome to the Comic Strip Archive

June 5, 2008
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Thanks for visiting my site.  I’ve had this site up and running for a while, and I started it primarily as an easy way for me to catch up on the storylines of some comics I had missed after they got canceled from my local newspaper.  After a few months, I realized that I was getting hundreds of new visitors a day, so I guess I’m not the only one looking for comic archives.

So anyway, I figured it would be fun to add a bit of commentary, so that’s what this blog is for.

Peruse the site to your heart’s content, and be sure to check back and post comments.

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