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Death Is Hilarious!

January 28, 2009

What is it about Wednesday that causes cartoonists to use their morbid pen?  Several strips went down the Winkerbean path today, attempting to find humor in death and destruction.  I’m not so sure any of them succeeded.

Close To Home – 1/28/2009

A body bag?  In a (supposedly funny) comic strip?  Seriously?

Bizarro- 1/28/2009

You see, it’s funny because jungle people like to eat humans, but now instead of killing unsuspecting jungle travelers, they can just go down to the supermarket and…. oh, nevermind.

Wizard of Id – 1/28/2009

Nothing garners applause like having your friends and relatives shot through the chest with an arrow or two. I’ll wrap up with this heartwarming B.C.

B.C. – 1/28/2009

Mopey Super-Heroes, Mopey Super-Villians

January 27, 2009

Spiderman – 01/27/2009

It’s not enough that Spiderman has been moping around for the past week because his camera was broken(he secured it to the ledge of a building with his webbing, but his webs were no match for Super-Pigeon).  Now Electro is whining about losing the money he stole.  Instead of actually doing any fighting, these two will just see who can complain the most.  Eventually, one of them will probably do something stupid and defeat themselves, and the other one can claim a ‘sort-of’ victory, and go back to watching television.

Family Circus – 01/23/2009

Meanwhile, the Keane’s are cleaning out the junk from their attic.  So did Papa Keane attend this USC or this USC – or maybe this one?  Either way, it looks like Dolly will be attending Sweet Briar University, a women’s college in Virginia.

Sunday Weirdness

January 25, 2009

The Sunday funnies today were a little extra-weird today, sometimes bordering on creepy.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith – 01/25/2009

Poor Jughaid. All he wants is cake and ice cream. If it means he’ll end up toothless, short, and bald, with a giant nose, he’s totally fine with it. At least he has something to aspire to.

Beetle Bailey – 01/25/2009

Here, we see Sarge, wading aimlessly through a creek, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he’s getting wet. He’s staring off into space, wide-eyed. Maybe Beetle’s antics finally caused him to snap.

The Family Circus – 01/25/2009

Sick of their parents’ constant yelling and arguing, the Keane kids decided to build a replacement family from snow. Jeffy’s cuddling up next to his snow creature, futilely craving any type of human contact.

Sally Forth – 01/25/2009

I noticed Ted starting down the path to crazy-town a few months ago, but it looks like maybe the whole family could be headed there before too long.

Comic Strips in the Louvre Museum in Paris

I meant to write about this the other day, but never got around to it.  The world’s most famous art museum, home to the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo among many others, has added an exhibition featuring comics for the first time in it’s history.

The featured cartoonist is Bernar Yslaire, with his comic strip “The Sky above the Louvre”.  He is one of the increasing number of cartoonists who do everything digitally.  “My comic strip is done exclusively on a digital screen – there is no paper at all”, he says.  “We are in the 21st century of communication.”

You can read more about the exhibit at this link.

The Police Won’t Help You If You’re 19 Feet Tall

January 23, 2009
Filed under: Curtis — admin @ 7:53 am

So if you haven’t been reading Curtis recently, he and Barry lied to their parents so they could go to President Obama’s inauguration, and now Barry is lost.

At first, I thought that the question marks coming from the police in the first panel are in response to the 19-foot tall giant running towards them.  After reading the third panel (where Curtis has apparently shrunk to his usual size), it’s clear that the police were simply confused about why anyone would be asking them for help.   Curtis has explained to the cops that his 8-year-old brother is missing, and they seem unsure about what they could possibly do to help him.

Curtis – 01/23/2009

This strip also brings up another question that I’ve had for quite a while.  I’ve probably read Curtis for 15 years or more, and I don’t think they’ve ever mentioned what city they live in.  I just always assumed it was New York, but after this past week of strips, it seems like maybe they live in Washington D.C.  They attended the inauguration apparently without taking any sort of train or plane, and they planned to be back in time for dinner.

I guess the alternative would be that they live in a place like Little Shop of Horrors’ Skid Row, where it’s an ambiguous sort of large city that can be whatever fits the current plot.  This week, it’s DC – next week, St. Louis!

Comic Strips You Might Not Have Heard Of – My Cage

January 22, 2009

Continuing my campaign to expose everyone to new comic strips, I’d like to introduce you to “My Cage“, a cynical and humorous strip about a late twenty-something, Norm, who works in an office, and realizes life isn’t at all how he had expected it would be.  He aspires to be an writer, but feels trapped at his job (hence the strip’s name).

The strip primarily focuses on Norm, his girlfriend, and his coworkers, though we occasionally get a glimpse of Norm’s family.

This particular strip has some of Norm’s co-workers in it, but check out the My Cage Archive to see plenty of other strips.  The strip started on May 6, 2007.

My Cage – 01.21.2009

I’ve been meaning to mention My Cage on this blog, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.  Yesterday’s strip is a great example of the general humor of the strip, and I think it illustrates perfectly how many people feel.  Non-conformity isn’t always particularly easy, even if it is often the best option.

Official My Cage Website

Spiderman – “Smart For a Superhero”

January 21, 2009
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I was hoping that after the HUGE CHANGE, Spiderman could go through somewhat of a transformation.   No longer old and married, his new college-aged self could stop being whiny and boring, and actually use his awesome powers to have exciting adventures.

So far, it looks like I won’t get my wish.  I guess that’s what I get for over-analyzing the Spiderman comic strip.

Spiderman – 01.21.2009

So far, Spiderman has managed to knock himself out with a blast from a fire hydrant that he opened himself, and nearly get unmasked by a six-year-old.  I’m not sure that qualifies as being “smart for a superhero”, but I guess some children are easy to impress.

Inauguration Obama-Mania!

January 20, 2009

So it’s inauguration day, and the whole world is excited, even the comics page!  I was actually surprised that there were relatively few comics regarding the inauguration, considering how so many comic strips like to delve into politics from time to time.  Even the political daily strip, Doonesbury, mentioned nothing about President Obama or the inauguration – opting to discuss cell phone ring tones.  By my count, six daily strips took on the swearing in of our new Commander in Chief:

Some comic strips actually sent their characters to Washington DC for the event:

Curtis – 01.20.2009

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee – 01.20.2009

Prickly City – 01.20.2009

Zippy the Pinhead – 01.20.2009

Hi and Lois watched it on television:

Hi and Lois – 01.20.2009

….and of course, Mallard Fillmore is still bitter.

Mallard Fillmore – 01.20.2009

I think his point is at least somewhat valid, but you would think on a historic day like this, he could take somewhat of a respite.  Apparently not.

Happy Inauguration to all!

Popeye is Kind of a Jerk

January 16, 2009
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When I was younger, I remember watching Popeye cartoons, and playing the Popeye video game, and I always wondered why Olive Oyl would date both Bluto and Popeye, when Bluto was clearly an oversized oaf, and Popeye stood for truth and justice and everything right in the world.

I’ve read the daily comic strip for a number of years, and though Popeye seemed a little dim sometimes, he was always being an honest, hardworking guy, and generally nice to everyone he meets (even the evil Sea Hag).  Until the most recent storyline involving an animal from the moon (a moon Quark), I’m not sure Bluto has graced the daily strips in a few years.

Anyway, this recent Sunday strip puts everything into perspective.  We get a glimpse of what Popeye is really like behind closed doors – It’s no wonder Olive Oyl likes to keep her options open.

Popeye – 1/11/2009

Graduate Level Malapropisms

January 15, 2009
Filed under: Family Circus — Tags: , , — admin @ 11:20 am

Family Circus – 01/15/2009

Oh, man!  It’s not just the annoying kids anymore.  The parents in Family Circus are speaking in ridiculous, non-funny puns too, except it’s not even remotely adorable when they do it.  The Keane’s probably figured that being “struck by enlightening” was too advanced of a pun to be believable if it was said by a mere child.  This is a high-level malapropism, and must be treated as such!

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to elementary-level malaprops like “Winternet“, “Encyclopediatrician“, and “Ravioli“.

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