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Scandal! Apartment 3-G Stealing Plots From Mary Worth!

February 21, 2009

Here is a scandal that will ROCK THE WORLD OF COMICS!

Here is today’s Apartment 3-G:

Apartment 3-G – 02/21/2009

Here is a Mary Worth strip from two years ago:

Mary Worth – 01/05/2007

Notice any similarities?  Not to mention that the gentlemen in question are both working in Asia at the time.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:


I smell a lawsuit.  Stay tuned for all the details!

Spiderman: Expositioning Like It’s Nobody’s Business

February 13, 2009
Filed under: Spider-Man — Tags: , , , , , — admin @ 2:18 pm

“Somebody screamed! And all the lights went out!”  Thanks for filling us in Mary Jane.  The “EEEEEE” across the top, and the copious amounts of black ink probably filled most of us in on both of those facts, but maybe some of the slower readers appreciate your keeping them informed.  Of course, describing to Peter exactly what he just saw happen not two seconds before doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but ‘not making logical sense’ is kind of par for the course with this strip.

Spiderman – 02/13/2009

To me, the ironic thing is that when the Spiderman strip unvieled it’s HUGE CHANGE back in January, they used constant large dialog boxes to fill us in on what was going on when they could have used character exposition to catch the readers up on 90% of what was happening.  In this case, Mary Jane insists on describing what’s happening for the benefit of the reader, even when it’s completely unneccessary and mostly nonsensical within the strip’s dialogue.  Meh.

Child Abuse Hilarity!

February 9, 2009
Filed under: Curtis — Tags: , , , , , — admin @ 12:26 pm

So when we last saw Curtis, he was 19 feet tall and asking the police for help after losing his brother at Obama’s Inauguration.

Since then, we’ve seen Barry return home safely, and about a dozen jokes about how Curtis is abused by his parents.

Curtis – 02/07/2009

Curtis – 01/22/2009

Curtis – 01/24/2009

Curtis – 01/27/2009

So let’s see, we’ve implied that Curtis gets beaten with belts, he’s forced to sleep standing up, and his punishment will be worse than getting beaten in an alley or mauled by rabies-infested dogs.  Saturday’s strip about not getting yelled at when other people are around is pretty tame in comparison.

Today, gunk unleashed some sort of Flyspeck Island creature that steals things with it’s tongue, so it looks like this plotline is finally at an end.

Black Apple of Death

Family Circus – 02/09/2009

I’m not sure where Dolly got those apples, but I have a feeling that she’s about to regret that bite she took.  Jeffy seems unsure about whether or not to follow his sister’s lead, but if she could talk him into wearing those royal blue ankle-warmers, he doesn’t stand a chance with the apple.

Spiderman and Electro Really Aren’t so Different

February 6, 2009
Filed under: Family Circus,Spider-Man — Tags: , , , , , — admin @ 10:49 am

So we’ve already seen some similarities between Peter Parker and Electro, and now we’re being shown even more.  It’s like they were separated at birth!

So we’ve spent the last week learning about the history of “Electro”, and we now see him returning home to his family, just like how Spiderman returned home to Aunt May in Sunday’s strip.  Both walk into their house in broad daylight, clad in full super-hero/villian regalia, and then change clothes quickly, hoping that their family members won’t just happen to be in the room when they walk inside the house.

I, for one, can’t wait to see how the final showdown happens.  Peter Parker will freak out because he left his Spider suit in Aunt May’s laundry basket, but then a brick will fall on Electro’s head, making him forget who he is.  All this followed by a surprise ending no one will expect – be ready!

Spiderman – 02/01/2009

Spiderman – 02/06/2009

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