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Domestic Violence in the Funnies

November 19, 2009

Archie – 11.19.2009
E is for Failure!

This reminds me of my highschool days, when our grades went A-E.  An “E” meant you failed.  It seems for most students, the latter grades skip over “E” entirely, and go straight to “F”.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that wasn’t from my hometown that ever received an “E” on a test for failing – until now!  Perhaps Archie Andrews and I attended the same high school.

Lockhorns – 11.19.2009
It's only a matter of time before one of them kills the other.

Lie all you want Leroy, but Dr. Blog isn’t fooled and Loretta is pissed.  Your poor acting job is going to get you some more “poking” when you get home.

Stupid Criminals – Stupid Superheroes

November 18, 2009

Spider-Man – 11.18.2009
Evil Can Wait While I Prepare my Camera!

The criminals in Spider-world are about as dumb as they come.  Fortunately for them, the cops and super hero that also inhabit the tow give them a run for their money.  While the amazing Spiderman holds off on saving the day so he can setup his camera and make a few bucks, the bad guys are escaping the bank, avoiding the cops who apparently haven’t realized that if they take a few steps to the right, they’ll have a nice clear shot.  Speaking of which, is it standard protocol to fire indiscriminately at bank robbers?

Hopefully, we’ll see the return of Super-Pigeon when Spiderman comes back to collect his camera.

Close To Home – 11.18.2009
So is that a detective?  And why is he wearing pajamas and a coat?

Wait, what?  So he setup a gun to shoot himself?  He’s playing some strange type of three-card poker, and he gets shot with a USB pistol.  And how exactly does one cheat at online poker?  Meh.

LuAnn – 11.18.2009
Brad's smile is just a little too weird

…and this wins the award for creepiest panel of the day.  A special prize goes to whoever comes up with the best alternate speech bubble text for this one :)

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Order Has Finally Been Restored (Sort Of)

November 13, 2009
Filed under: Uncategorized — admin @ 11:20 am

Break out the champagne!  Some of the black and white comics whose archive was not working have now been fixed.  I found another site that displays the comics back many years, and have linked to that site for all possible comics.  This doesn’t fix everything, but it fixes many popular comics, like reader-favorite 9 Chickweed Lane, and Dilbert, among others.

I also took this opportunity to add The Phantom to the archives.  I’m not sure why I missed that one the first time, but it’s there now.

I’ll be adding about 8- new comics in the coming days, including a few that I read daily like Big Nate and Candorville.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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