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Judge Parker Brings In a New Artist

February 23, 2010
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See Update Below

As I mentioned before, Judge Parker artist Eduardo Barreto fell ill several weeks ago, and was temporarily replaced by a ghost artist.

It was announced recently that artist Mike Manley has become Barreto’s permanent replacement.  I’m not sold on Manly’s interpretation quite yet, but it always takes a while to get used to a new artist.  We’ll see how the strip progresses over the next few months.

Update: I was under the impression that Manley was the ghost artist and had been recently awarded the job full-time, but many astute readers pointed out that this was incorrect.  The interim artist is John Heebink.  Mike Manley’s strips will start on March 15th.

Here’s a side by side:

Barreto – Judge Parker – 02/21/2010


John Heebink – Judge Parker – 02/19/2010


Judge Parker Artist “Gravely Ill” – Temporary Replacement Found

February 16, 2010
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If you’re up on all the latest comic strip news, you may have heard that Judge Parker artist Eduardo Barreto has fallen gravely ill, and will likely cease drawing Judge Parker – at least for a while.  The new artist has already started drawing the weekday strips, as you can see here:

Judge Parker – 02/15/2010


Quite different from Barreto’s style, to be sure.

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