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Domestic Violence in the Funnies

November 19, 2009

Archie – 11.19.2009
E is for Failure!

This reminds me of my highschool days, when our grades went A-E.  An “E” meant you failed.  It seems for most students, the latter grades skip over “E” entirely, and go straight to “F”.  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that wasn’t from my hometown that ever received an “E” on a test for failing – until now!  Perhaps Archie Andrews and I attended the same high school.

Lockhorns – 11.19.2009
It's only a matter of time before one of them kills the other.

Lie all you want Leroy, but Dr. Blog isn’t fooled and Loretta is pissed.  Your poor acting job is going to get you some more “poking” when you get home.

Beetle Deserts the Army

January 5, 2009
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I always wondered why Beetle stuck around Camp Swampy, subjecting himself to constant beatings at the hand of his superior officer, left as a pile of cracked bones and bruised limbs.  I always pictured him snapping one day, and finishing off Sarge in one fell swoop.

It looks like he’s decided to take the high road here, and simply desert the Army without retaliating against his tormentor.  Sarge’s crack about ‘Get-Up-And-Go’ was the last straw.  He’s packed his bags, and from the looks of it, he’s decided to join Archie and the gang in Riverdale.

Beetle Bailey – 01/05/2009

The Curmudgeon Makes It Into the Comics Again!

December 18, 2008
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Congratulations Josh!

First, One Big Happy, now Archie.

Archie - 12/18/2008

The Comics Curmudgeon, who has single-handedly  helped thousands of people renew their interest in daily comic strips, has once again been featured in a comic strip, showing that some comic strip writers have a great sense of humor, even if their comics aren’t particularly humorous.

Notice Archie’s shirt, boldly proclaiming  his distaste for the AJGLU-3000.

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