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Funky Winkerpun

January 28, 2010

Tom Batuik is a big fan of bad puns, as can easily be seen in both of his strips, Funky Winkerbean, and Crankshaft.  The past few days have been so terrible, even the characters themselves are getting sick of them.

Funky Winkerbean – 01/27/2010


Funky Winkerbean – 01/26/2010


Funky Winkerbean – 01/25/2010


Comic Observations – Friday, December 19th

December 19, 2008
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Crankshaft – 12.19.2008


Crankshaft’s only friend in the world is his son-in-law’s old and bitter mother, and even she doesn’t really seem to like him very much.  For those who don’t regularly read this comic strip, this is about as upbeat as it gets.

Garfield – 12.19.2008


I must admit, this made me laugh a bit – quite a feat for Garfield.

Gil Thorp – 12.19.2008


When I was growing up, my family owned a small store.  This was our method of crime prevention as well – A fake camera with a small red light.  It even had a cord that ran through the drywall and into the back room, where it abruptly ended.

Herb and Jamaal – 12.19.2008


Isn’t this former bum/millionaire the same as the “obnoxious white guy” they use from time to time in this strip?

Have a great weekend!

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