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Child Abuse Hilarity!

February 9, 2009
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So when we last saw Curtis, he was 19 feet tall and asking the police for help after losing his brother at Obama’s Inauguration.

Since then, we’ve seen Barry return home safely, and about a dozen jokes about how Curtis is abused by his parents.

Curtis – 02/07/2009

Curtis – 01/22/2009

Curtis – 01/24/2009

Curtis – 01/27/2009

So let’s see, we’ve implied that Curtis gets beaten with belts, he’s forced to sleep standing up, and his punishment will be worse than getting beaten in an alley or mauled by rabies-infested dogs.  Saturday’s strip about not getting yelled at when other people are around is pretty tame in comparison.

Today, gunk unleashed some sort of Flyspeck Island creature that steals things with it’s tongue, so it looks like this plotline is finally at an end.

The Police Won’t Help You If You’re 19 Feet Tall

January 23, 2009
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So if you haven’t been reading Curtis recently, he and Barry lied to their parents so they could go to President Obama’s inauguration, and now Barry is lost.

At first, I thought that the question marks coming from the police in the first panel are in response to the 19-foot tall giant running towards them.  After reading the third panel (where Curtis has apparently shrunk to his usual size), it’s clear that the police were simply confused about why anyone would be asking them for help.   Curtis has explained to the cops that his 8-year-old brother is missing, and they seem unsure about what they could possibly do to help him.

Curtis – 01/23/2009

This strip also brings up another question that I’ve had for quite a while.  I’ve probably read Curtis for 15 years or more, and I don’t think they’ve ever mentioned what city they live in.  I just always assumed it was New York, but after this past week of strips, it seems like maybe they live in Washington D.C.  They attended the inauguration apparently without taking any sort of train or plane, and they planned to be back in time for dinner.

I guess the alternative would be that they live in a place like Little Shop of Horrors’ Skid Row, where it’s an ambiguous sort of large city that can be whatever fits the current plot.  This week, it’s DC – next week, St. Louis!

Inauguration Obama-Mania!

January 20, 2009

So it’s inauguration day, and the whole world is excited, even the comics page!  I was actually surprised that there were relatively few comics regarding the inauguration, considering how so many comic strips like to delve into politics from time to time.  Even the political daily strip, Doonesbury, mentioned nothing about President Obama or the inauguration – opting to discuss cell phone ring tones.  By my count, six daily strips took on the swearing in of our new Commander in Chief:

Some comic strips actually sent their characters to Washington DC for the event:

Curtis – 01.20.2009

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee – 01.20.2009

Prickly City – 01.20.2009

Zippy the Pinhead – 01.20.2009

Hi and Lois watched it on television:

Hi and Lois – 01.20.2009

….and of course, Mallard Fillmore is still bitter.

Mallard Fillmore – 01.20.2009

I think his point is at least somewhat valid, but you would think on a historic day like this, he could take somewhat of a respite.  Apparently not.

Happy Inauguration to all!

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