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Black Apple of Death

February 9, 2009

Family Circus – 02/09/2009

I’m not sure where Dolly got those apples, but I have a feeling that she’s about to regret that bite she took.  Jeffy seems unsure about whether or not to follow his sister’s lead, but if she could talk him into wearing those royal blue ankle-warmers, he doesn’t stand a chance with the apple.

Spiderman and Electro Really Aren’t so Different

February 6, 2009
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So we’ve already seen some similarities between Peter Parker and Electro, and now we’re being shown even more.  It’s like they were separated at birth!

So we’ve spent the last week learning about the history of “Electro”, and we now see him returning home to his family, just like how Spiderman returned home to Aunt May in Sunday’s strip.  Both walk into their house in broad daylight, clad in full super-hero/villian regalia, and then change clothes quickly, hoping that their family members won’t just happen to be in the room when they walk inside the house.

I, for one, can’t wait to see how the final showdown happens.  Peter Parker will freak out because he left his Spider suit in Aunt May’s laundry basket, but then a brick will fall on Electro’s head, making him forget who he is.  All this followed by a surprise ending no one will expect – be ready!

Spiderman – 02/01/2009

Spiderman – 02/06/2009

Mopey Super-Heroes, Mopey Super-Villians

January 27, 2009

Spiderman – 01/27/2009

It’s not enough that Spiderman has been moping around for the past week because his camera was broken(he secured it to the ledge of a building with his webbing, but his webs were no match for Super-Pigeon).  Now Electro is whining about losing the money he stole.  Instead of actually doing any fighting, these two will just see who can complain the most.  Eventually, one of them will probably do something stupid and defeat themselves, and the other one can claim a ‘sort-of’ victory, and go back to watching television.

Family Circus – 01/23/2009

Meanwhile, the Keane’s are cleaning out the junk from their attic.  So did Papa Keane attend this USC or this USC – or maybe this one?  Either way, it looks like Dolly will be attending Sweet Briar University, a women’s college in Virginia.

Sunday Weirdness

January 25, 2009

The Sunday funnies today were a little extra-weird today, sometimes bordering on creepy.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith – 01/25/2009

Poor Jughaid. All he wants is cake and ice cream. If it means he’ll end up toothless, short, and bald, with a giant nose, he’s totally fine with it. At least he has something to aspire to.

Beetle Bailey – 01/25/2009

Here, we see Sarge, wading aimlessly through a creek, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he’s getting wet. He’s staring off into space, wide-eyed. Maybe Beetle’s antics finally caused him to snap.

The Family Circus – 01/25/2009

Sick of their parents’ constant yelling and arguing, the Keane kids decided to build a replacement family from snow. Jeffy’s cuddling up next to his snow creature, futilely craving any type of human contact.

Sally Forth – 01/25/2009

I noticed Ted starting down the path to crazy-town a few months ago, but it looks like maybe the whole family could be headed there before too long.

Graduate Level Malapropisms

January 15, 2009
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Family Circus – 01/15/2009

Oh, man!  It’s not just the annoying kids anymore.  The parents in Family Circus are speaking in ridiculous, non-funny puns too, except it’s not even remotely adorable when they do it.  The Keane’s probably figured that being “struck by enlightening” was too advanced of a pun to be believable if it was said by a mere child.  This is a high-level malapropism, and must be treated as such!

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to elementary-level malaprops like “Winternet“, “Encyclopediatrician“, and “Ravioli“.

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