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Popeye is Kind of a Jerk

January 16, 2009
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When I was younger, I remember watching Popeye cartoons, and playing the Popeye video game, and I always wondered why Olive Oyl would date both Bluto and Popeye, when Bluto was clearly an oversized oaf, and Popeye stood for truth and justice and everything right in the world.

I’ve read the daily comic strip for a number of years, and though Popeye seemed a little dim sometimes, he was always being an honest, hardworking guy, and generally nice to everyone he meets (even the evil Sea Hag).  Until the most recent storyline involving an animal from the moon (a moon Quark), I’m not sure Bluto has graced the daily strips in a few years.

Anyway, this recent Sunday strip puts everything into perspective.  We get a glimpse of what Popeye is really like behind closed doors – It’s no wonder Olive Oyl likes to keep her options open.

Popeye – 1/11/2009

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