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January 27, 2009

Spiderman – 01/27/2009

It’s not enough that Spiderman has been moping around for the past week because his camera was broken(he secured it to the ledge of a building with his webbing, but his webs were no match for Super-Pigeon).  Now Electro is whining about losing the money he stole.  Instead of actually doing any fighting, these two will just see who can complain the most.  Eventually, one of them will probably do something stupid and defeat themselves, and the other one can claim a ‘sort-of’ victory, and go back to watching television.

Family Circus – 01/23/2009

Meanwhile, the Keane’s are cleaning out the junk from their attic.  So did Papa Keane attend this USC or this USC – or maybe this one?  Either way, it looks like Dolly will be attending Sweet Briar University, a women’s college in Virginia.

The Amazing Spider-Surprise!

December 31, 2008
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How exciting!  A new year and a “HUGE CHANGE” in Spider-Man’s life!  Will he stop watching television instead of fighting crime?

The Amazing Spider-Man – 12/31/2008

I am not familiar with the comic book series, but I think I remember hearing that Spider-Man is only still married in the comic strip version.  Will he and Mary Jane get divorced?  Will Peter Parker whine constantly about it?  Will he be so distracted that he actually fights crime less than he does now?

Stay tuned to find out…..

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